Monday, February 06, 2006

An update of sorts....

I had a rather decent day at work today. I don't mind the 8 to 5 shift either. I am (have been it seems) the food manager at our restaurant now. Starting next week I will be 100% in charge of food cost control and ordering. This is something I'm very familiar with since I've done it for 17 years at my last place of employment. Keeping the cost in this restaurant at the desired % is going to be a challenge. Looking back at the store's history, it's always had a bad % rate. This is something hopefully I'll be able to change for the better. I had my employee evaluation given to me today too. I was dreading it too. You see, my GM and I haven't gotten along at all since I've been there and we have had a few problems. I'm pretty sure those are behind us, but I'm still leary of her anyway. The evaluation wasn't the greatest, but it certainly wasn't the horrible thing I thought she'd give to me. I have vowed to myself that I will be successfull at this restaurant. My GM told me today ...with sincerity...that she is going to back me 100% in my decision making pertaining to food cost when the employees start coming to her "whining" about any changes or notices I happen to post. I have been needing that acknowledgement from her the entire time I've been there. I'm not sure if this "new her" is due to the bypass surgery she just recently had or what, but I'm going to take this support and run with it. To be honest, I'm not even sure why I have been "lazy" in not putting my all into my work. I know I'm better than what I've been giving. I went crazy today hanging notices in the grill, fountain and server aisle areas for all the employees. As I was leaving today I overheard some servers questioning some of the items. At least I know I have their attention. Now to follow through. Not only so that my GM and the owner know I really do have what it takes to work in a full serve restaurant, but to myself as well. I think I finally have that "right frame of mind" I've been needing....(it's only taken 8 and 1/2 months).

We have a server that works for us that when you aren't on her shit list can be the sweetest little old lady ever. It's funny .... shortly after I started working there, she came up to me one day and bluntly told me that "when you first started here, I didn't like you because I thought you were lazy" The day she told me this we were extremely busy and I was running back and forth and up and down doing tons of everything for and with everyone so we could stay up on things and in her mind it was the first time she had witnessed me doing any work. She liked what she saw and told me she didn't think I was lazy anymore. Ever since that day, she and I have gotten along great. (she's been there 22 yrs) I brought her up because today she and I were discussing my sore back and why I thought it was sore. Not only am I extremely out of shape, but I was moving furniture on my 2 days off both up my stairs and my daughter's stairs. She had remembered that she has been trying to find someone that could make use of a loveseat she has. I told her I could since the only 2 pieces of furniture I have in my livingroom is my computer chair and an old wooden rocking chair that doesn't have the rockers on it anymore. Well don't you know she went and told her hubby to put that little sofa in his truck and bring it to the store by 4:45pm and put it in my truck so I could bring it home when I got off at 5pm. Heather came over and helped me bring it up here. Thankgoodness it's light. Still though, even a light peice of furniture being carried up a flight of stairs (in a narrow hall) and around the corner is just plain awkward. I'm just going to have to start stretching more and get back to my exercise. I'm thinking of getting a digital camera this weekend....if I do, I'll post a photo of my little sofa in my little livingroom. It's funny...this May will be 2 yrs I've lived here and I finally have some furniture in here.

Good gracious look at the length of this babble. Think I better hit post and get off the computer for awhile.


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