Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Found the PERFECT Flight!!!!! (leaving on thursday the 30th)

Cleveland (CLE)
Depart 6:53 pm to Detroit (DTW)
Arrive 8:00 pm

Duration: 1hr 7mn
Flight: 3499

Detroit (DTW)
Depart 9:04 pm
Terminal EM to Washington DC (DCA)
Arrive 10:23 pm
Duration: 1hr 19mn
Flight: 1585

Sun 2-Apr-06

Washington DC (DCA)
Depart 6:30 am
Terminal A to Detroit (DTW)
Arrive 8:06 am
Duration: 1hr 36mn
Flight: 223

Detroit (DTW)
Depart 10:20 am
Terminal EM to Cleveland (CLE)
Arrive 11:20 am 93 mi
(150 km)
Duration: 1hr 0mn
Flight: 3098

Here's the problem with this picture.......... I have to work Thursday (more than likely) from 6:30am to 4pm (my usual schedule). From work it's a one hour and 15 minute drive to the cleveland airport.....(could cause a problem of being late for my flight out). On Sunday I work from 2:30pm to 11:30pm.....(factor in the one hour and 15 minute drive back from the airport) and I run the risk of being late for work...(which I could really care less about at this point, but still a potential problem). I could just say screw it and drive the 6 hours and see if it costs the same in gas. I wouldn't leave Thursday after my shift for 2 reasons....#1) I don't see as well at night anymore.....#2) I'm not sure I could stay awake for that long. (once it gets dark and I'm driving, my body tends to get sleepy). I could leave Friday morning and easily get there before noon and then just leave Sunday morning no later than 7am and still make it to work on time. (Yes I have done that driving before and went straight to work). It all hits me the next day but it's sooooooooo worth it to me. The other problem with this is that I can't just purchase this flight until I find out for sure that I have the requested days off. I'm positive by the time she lets me know, the price for this flight will no longer be available. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. I will get there one way or another.
**** Will be so nice when the time comes that Bob and I don't have to worry about "arranging" dates to be together**** I'm looking forward to the days that the only flights I'll need to be looking up will be ones to come back and visit my family members or for vacations with Bob.


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