Friday, March 17, 2006

Met the new doctor yesterday..........

Such a long day for me yesterday....well it was to me anyway. Ended up working nearly 10 and 1/2 hours then had enough time to come home and clean up a bit then drive another 20 minutes to my Doctor's office. Same office I had been going to for the past 18 years. Only the 2 doctors that were there retired back in January. 3 new doctors took over the practice. The one I met yesterday was very nice and personable and if I didn't know better, I swear he thinks I'm just a crazy goof. (Hush Bob) I was telling the Doctor about these "bumps", "Knots" or whatever you want to call them that I get now and then. He said they were indeed cysts. I showed him the one that is on my leg, but that one doesn't bother me or hurt. When he felt the one on my head and was feeling all around it, I about jumped off the table. He says..."it's just a benign cycst and if you can leave it alone nothing needs to be done". Well, I reminded him that I was there because it's driving me crazy and that it's so sensitive that when I lay on my pillow it hurts. He said he could drain it. That would require a small amount of my hair to be shaved off around the area then he would have to slice it and drain it. However, in a month or maybe a few, it would be back. Well that seemed like a waste to me. That and the fact of having to do that again just didn't appeal to me. So, my other alternative is to have this removed. He doesn't do removals. He's sending me to a Plastic Surgeon that will shave about a 50 cent size of my hair away (which doesn't make me happy) and cut a bigger space to remove the cyst then stitch it up. Now I have to call my insurance company to make sure this procedure is covered. Not so sure why it's a Plastic Surgeon doing it. If this thing didn't hurt or wasn't itchy and casuing me to scratch at it, I'd just learn to live with it. I asked him if my diet or lack of good eating let's say, had anything to do with why I get these. He said no. Some people's bodies just grow them. He said someone in my family may have had them. Well no one that I know of grew knots on their body. Gloria? Anyone you know of that does or did? They drew blood yesterday too. He says it's been a long time since I've had my blood tested. Darn new doctor had that thick ass file of mine and knew that it's been 6 years since my last mammogram too. Yeah, yeah, I'll make an appointment for that too. Along with that "other" exam I love so much. NOT! Don't worry Bob, I'll go to the appointments I promise. Trust me if you got poked and swabbed like I will you would put it off for years at a time too!!! I'll admit that as uncomfortable as these appointments are, I'd rather get that done than go to the dentist. I can't even remember the last time I was at the dentist!

All in all I like the new doctor. He has good bedside manor and is way easy to understand and talk to. So I'm liking the change so far. He told me the dry itchy skin on my eyelid was from a vitamin deficency(sp) and that I need to be taking a multi vitamin once a day. Yeah, ok. Sheesh. I just hate taking stuff. I stopped on my way home and bought a big bottle of them. This morning like a good girl, I took my calcium tablet and my multi vitamin. Damn ass horse pills is what they are. Seriously, do they need to be that big!!?? Do I sound like a whiner today or what. Wow. I better sign off on this and get started making some phone calls. I'm just glad I signed up for the insurance or I wouldn't be doing any of this.


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