Monday, March 20, 2006

Finally I can start counting down....

My weekend request was approved!! I'll be leaving Thursday night for Washington,D.C. to see My Bob!!! Now all we have to do it get this flight booked. The price went up but I'd rather fly there than drive when my time is limited. So in "approximately" 87 hours I'll get to see Bob!! (Unless I'm too tired to count). Plane leaves Cleveland at 6:53pm Thursday and arrives in Washington around 10:23 pm or close to it. It will be a great weekend and I can't wait. I'll really dread Sunday morning when I'll have to leave and come back. Just have to enjoy the time together to the fullest. (something we never have trouble doing). I'll have a smile on my face all week now.

So yeah I'm an idiot...a tired one too...add a week to that 87 hours because I'm not leaving till the 30th....LOL


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