Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am really tired of this thing today!!!!

Ever have one of those days where it takes every ounce of energy you have NOT to throw your computer out the window? Well, ok, maybe it's not THAT bad. Just irritating as hell when you are trying to do something on here and it either freezes up on you or you get a window that pops up telling you yahoo browser has detected that you signed out and will now close in an unusual way. Before you know it Internet Explorer is shut down and you have just lost anything you were doing!! I'm positive my computer needs reformatted at the least. I know it needs a battery because the date and time are always wrong. Like right now it says that it's 9:50pm yesterday. I get tired of resetting that so I leave it alone. I have dumped cookies and offline files. I have defragged. I tried to do a disk cleanup yesterday but it never finished. Everything just froze so I hit cancel and said to hell with it. I wish I knew more about computers so I could work on this myself. I have ran virus scans and it says nothing is here. I'm clueless. I'm too lazy to sit here all day and find spyware programs to run. Maybe that's part of the problem I don't know. It does seem to me though, that ever since SBC merged with AT&T, that I have been having thid trouble. Another thing that happens is I'll get some big window that says a new internet connection has been found. I leave it for a private computer rather than click on "for home" because how do I know this isn't someone or something trying to hack into my computer. I do enough on here that stuff like that make me cautious. I tried earlier to post some thoughts but was shut down so I went and cleaned my apartment some and hung a shelf and some pictures on the walls. Now I'm back and just venting I guess. My time is so limited on Sundays since I have to leave by 1pm to get to work. I close every Sunday and do inventory with my GM. I hate that I work every Sunday night. The only sunday I didn't work was back in November when Bob and I took our vacation. Oh well, I consider this my "be patient and wait" job. I won't always be doing this so I'll stick it out till the time comes when I'll be happy doing something somewhere else. The way things are progressing, I'm hoping it won't be that much more longer before things change.
At any rate, I'm done complaining for the day. Now it's time to start getting ready for work.


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