Tuesday, March 21, 2006

where we'll be staying

thought someone may be interested that we're gonna stay at the Americana Hotel on saturday evening apr 1st...and no its not an april fools joke...jan doesnt even know this yet hehe...we had talked about staying at the crystal city marriot but this place was recommended to me by a friend that has stayed there alot....jan has an early flight back to ohio that morning(6:30am) so thought it would save us some time that morning being closer to the airport...being that is also the nite we turn the clocks ahead so we're losing an hour as it is
we will be spending most the day sat admiring the ">Cherry Blossoms on the tidal basin and participating in any festivites that may be going on .
as you can tell....im not as adept as my jan at being clever and efficient in posting these links, however thought some of you may be interested in what all the fuss is about
my son Bill(USMC) is currently stationed in Taqaddum, iraq....about 13 miles from fallujah...my buddy at the state dept sez things have quieted down there for now but its still a "hotspot"....Bill is doing what he was trained to do....set up communications(phone and internet) for those who need it....so thats a relief of sorts for the time bein...however he is already talking about extending his tour for 5 more months "for the money"..sheesh kids have no clue how much parents worry do they....my countdown is at 195 days til he is outta there unless he extends after his leave
adios mi amigos y amigas

****crapola...i messed up her blog....think ill run and hide ...****


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