Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Very busy next couple of days.........

I'm working today from 2pm to midnight. I work tomorrow from 10am to 8pm. After work tomorrow night I have to take the dog over to mom's so she can puppy sit for me until I return from Washington, DC. Thursday is the big day. I work from 6:30am till 4pm then it's straight up to Cleveland for the airport. Leaving at 6:53pm (stopping in Detroit) then arriving in DC at 10:23pm. Once there I believe it's about 45 minutes back to Bob's. So yeah, I'm going to on the move and not alot of time for rest. I have laundry to catch up today before work and already have a load started. Thank goodness I don't have alot to do. I also have to get completely packed today since it doesn't appear I'll have time to squeeze that in any other day. It's easy to pack when you don't need alot. In between doing all the stuff I need to get done, I have to pay lots of attention to the dog. How is it that they sense something is going on. He hangs at my heels nearly every move I make. Room to room, the dog is right behind me. I nearly tripped over him already this morning. I feel bad that he's alone so much as it is. Alteast while he's at Mom's he'll have her little dog to play with. (When he's not sitting in her recliner staring at the front door waiting for me to come through it like he did in November when I was on vacation with Bob).

Now it's time to see if bob's up and say good morning to him before he heads off to work himself for the day. I'm sure he has tons to get accomplished as well before I get there and hold him hostage from working for 2 days...hehehe.

****Current CountDown****
63 hours 53 minutes till Landing in Washington DC!!!!


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