Friday, March 31, 2006

I have arrived!!!

Naturally at work yesterday I kept looking at the clock and counting down. They were all making fun of me but I didn't care. Surprisingly, work went rather fast. I was sure the day was going to drag on by. My GM let me leave at 3:40 instead of 4 and that was a nice head start to my getting up to the airport on time without having to rush around. It only took an hour to drive up there so that wasn't so bad. I stopped at a rest area and changed out of my work clothes. It was 65 degrees and very sunny. That made for a very nice drive. The airport was pretty busy so it was nice to have some extra time. I was shuttled over from the long term parking area and they drop you off right by your airline check in area. That was the first time I ever used "curb side check in". That was pretty nice. I didn't have to do much of anything but walk through security. I'm amazed at the stupid people that travel. Can a person really be that ignorant of what you need to do? Oh well, it was really that bad. I had and hour to sit and relax before boarding my plane that was taking me to Detroit. I was shocked when the pilot came on the intercom and said our flight would only be 20 minutes. I only had an hour overlap waiting on my flight to Washington DC. Somehow we left the airport early and lost time in the air. The Pilot came on when we were over Pittsburg and said we would be landing 10 minutes late. 10 minutes isn't a big deal, but we had no way to let anyone waiting for us know. Bob said he saw it on the board when he got to the airport. Normally I don't complain about my flights, but lastnight I felt like I was on the "childrens express". In the middle of the plane we had teenagers on a school trip to DC. Some had never flown before and were "chatty" the entire flight. In the back about 2 rows behind me was a little boy about 18 months old that wasn't happy about being on that plane and let us all know it...THE ENTIRE FLIGHT!! I was so tired from working the last few days that it took all my energry to not let that little stuff bug the hell out of me. I'm sure I was a sight when I got off that plane. I was one tired girl that's for sure.

It was so good to see Bob sitting there waiting for me. I couldn't wait to get around the gate and hug him. we took the Metro back to here. It took about an hour all together. By the time I got to lay down it was after midnight. I was soooooo tired I couldn't get much sleep at all. I think I finally fell asleep around 2am. Poor Bob, I'm sure he didn't get ANY sleep either. We're up and dressed and waiting till 10 to go into town to see the Cherry Blossoms. Had some coffee with Bob's Mom this morning. It's going to be a great day.

More than likely won't be back on here for a few days. Gonna be way too busy. I'll post pictures as soon as I get the chance after getting back home and settled in from work again.


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