Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thought I was dreaming but it really did snow lastnight!!

Thank goodness it was just a light dusting on the lawns, but sheesh, it's SPRING...enough of the white stuff already!!!

I did get some good sleep lastnight. My mind finally shut off long enough. It's really hard to find that switch when you need to turn it off. Its back on now though and if I don't get busy doing stuff all these crazy thoughts in my head will just drive me crazy all day.

I'm taking my 2 rolls of 35mm film in for processing today. I'm hoping these photos come out as well if not better than the digital ones came out. I have decided that for really important photos, I'm sticking to my 35mm camera. I had the ones I posted on here printed and the quality of the photo was lost somewhere. The photos look "grainy" and that has me upset. I can't enlarge any of these ones to hang on my wall in frames. Such a disappointment to me. It's not like I can just "re-take" these photos. Oh well, maybe I'm just being to critical of the photos.

I have the day off today and barely a thing to do. Wow.... a total lazy day.... what a concept. Cerebus will get lots of attention today that's for sure. Poor guy is alone way too long most days. He acted so happy to see me when I picked him up from Mom's monday evening then I just left him alone again yesterday from 1:30 to midnight. That's such a long time for him to be in here all alone. He does so good though.

I was hoping for a day off with the temperature atleast in the 50's. I need to get outside and do stuff. I'm too honest to say that's what I'll do anyway. It's only 28 degrees out there and I'm not about to try to be out in that and freeze. Jacksonville has a high of 81 today. That's so not fair.

Time to get motivated and do something or I'll just end up back in bed for a complete lazy day.


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