Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's been crazy around here

Friday was by far the busiest day Bob and I have spend together yet!! Picked him up at the airport at 10:30ish in th morning and we went non-stop truck shopping for the rest of the day. (With a quick trip to stop over at Mom's and one over at the hospital to see Dad). We stopped by my work Friday evening for dinner so everyone there could meet Bob and so that I could prove he really does exist. Saturday was supposed to be a much less busy day. He test drove one more truck then we went back to the dealership we were at on Friday to make the purchase of one he drove the day before. I won't go into all the details of how hard it is to pay cash/check anymore. There is no reason for him to finance this vehicle but gosh the horseshit he's going through with this. He made sure before he ever made the trip over here that it wouldn't be a problem with an out of state check...well...you wouldn't believe the 1/2 of it if I did sit here and tell you. He was going to make the purchase then leave on Sunday morning when I left to go to work. Well, it's Tuesday and he's still here.....(I'm very glad he is...I selfishly get to see him longer). Sunday was Easter and I sure hope everyone spent it way better than we did. I was one sick girl let me tell you. Well second thought I won't go into graphic detail because it's not something that you'll want to read. (when is the last time you sat in the bathroom holding a bucket???) enough said. I tried to go to work after I was done puking because with it #1 being Easter and #2 Bob being in town, I didn't want them to think I was lying and just calling off to be with him. When I stepped in there behind the grill, I thought for sure I was going to toss it up again. Needless to say my GM was pissed at me for "violating the call off procedure". I did go to the clinic and was told I had a viral infection that was going around. Poor Bob spent all of Sunday getting me wet cloths and chicken soup or pretty much whatever else I needed. I slept the entire day away. I felt extremely bad later that night as he himself took a turn going through the same exact thing I did during the day but his was way worse. So how was your Easter Holiday?? I ended up working my regular shift on Monday from 5:30 am to 4:30pm. Yes that was a long and very tiring day. Poor Bob was here all alone all day and still didn't feel well himself. We are both doing better now. I have the day off Wednesday and we are taking a road trip to a branch of his bank that is somewhere in PA to get a cashiers check so he can finalize this truck purchase. I'm all up for a road trip anytime....but this one seems so un-neccessary if you really stop to think about it.

I never saw my Dad at all Sunday and that's fine really. With me being sick with a flu bug like that, I shouldn't have went near him anyway. They put in Dad's feeding tube on Saturday morning and he was released to go back to the nursing home yesterday. Bob and I stopped by there yesterday afternoon around 6:30 and he was looking so tired but better than he had looked. He looked at me and I said Hi to him and he said hi, but then just looked away. He doesn't know who I am or why I'm in there. A nurse came in while I was in there and asked Dad "Who's this?"....he says "I don't know"....she says..."Your daughter"...he says.."nooo". I told her it was ok...that I'm used to it. I don't want to have to try and confuse him by making him remember me. Maybe I should I don't know. That nurse is the one that told her bosses that dad was dying and needed to go to the hospital. She told me that they came in and pinched him and he said "ow" so they said he was ok. Dumb bastard's. I will be telling this to the social worker when I have my meeting with them. If Dad would have spent one or two more nights at the nursing home he would have died, I'm sure of that.
Today is my day to spend as much time with Bob as I can since I have to leave him later and go to work. I'm closing tonight from 2 to midnight...yuck. So, it's time to close this as he's nearly done reading the newspaper.


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