Friday, April 28, 2006

FRIDAY!!!....FRIDAY!!!!.........oh wait a minute.........

I have no real reason to be excited because it's Friday....I'm working from noon to 9pm today!! I feel way better this morning. I know I got in some good sleep lastnight. I know I sure did need it to. The only bad part was not getting to bed until 12:30am and getting back up before 7am. It really sucks that I don't have many uniform parts and that I have to get a load washed early in the morning to beat the neighbors at using the washer and dryer first. But, hey, it's beats dragging everything to a laundrymat. I saw my schedule for next week and it's pretty cool. It's going to be the last really cool schedule I'll have for the next few weeks. We lost one of our assistant manager's since he decided our restaurant sucked that bad and he went out and found a new job. I'm happy for him that he found something he's going to like and be really good at it, but now I'm going to pay for it until we get our new assistant manager trained. Oh well, that's life right? Atleast I'm working and making a paycheck and my bills get paid.

How is it you think about so many things you want to write down, but when you sit down here to write them, you draw a blank??? I think my mind may have just shut off!! If I could only have it do that when I can't stop thinking about stuff the bugs


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