Thursday, May 04, 2006

Back to work I go.....

It was nice having the 2 days off and not having to be there until 3pm today. I love the break. Hopefully when I arrive today I'll not have bad news about my little situation that I can not discuss. I'm certain I'm bothered by it way more than I need to be at this point, but hey, that's me.

I made today pretty productive. Although it's pretty breezy out there I managed to take the dog to the park and walk him around quite a bit. I took my digital camera with me in hopes to snapping a few photos. I came upon a family of geese that would have made a rather cute photo but alas, that batteries were dead in my camera. So, that ended that idea in a hurry. I'm thinking now that buying stock in a battery company could be a good thing. (Not that I know anything about stocks). I have the rechargables charging now.

I'm happy to report that the baby rose bush that Bob sent to me on Valentines Day is growing once again...(I thought I killed it). I have transplanted it into a rather large floor pot and it's currently outside on the porch banister and has tons of new life growing on it all over the place. I'm hoping it will also produce some new roses and not just leaves. Though at this point I'll take what I can get. I'm much better with green house plants than flowers of any kind. Is it really that hard to kill a rose bush?

I have been reading a few new blogs of interest and thought I'd share them with you. Michael Manning TV . I have found his blog to be interesting and oh so funny at times. He gives a movie review once a week and I've forgotten about some of my favorites that I'll just have to add to my collection. Another blog of interest is Denny Shane's "Not So Normal News". I find his humor enlightening and his blog something I can relate to. I discovered both of these gentlemen from the comments made on my friend Kelly's blog. Another blog I feel you should check out for some good heart warming stories and fabulous humor in her comment boxes. Trust me you'll be glad you checked them out.
(Not sure how I went from posting about my plants to plugging blogs but oh Kelly has been linked to my blog for quite some time now. As well as my good friend Fraidy who has been telling some pretty fun stories herself lately. I still make my rounds now and then to the rest of my favorites but for some unknown reason I have been doing more reading than commenting. I have been kicking around the idea of taking a break from blogging altogether but I need this for awhile longer yet so you're stuck with me for awhile.

Time get off of here and finish getting ready to go cook tonight. I certainly hope the guests are easy on me tonight as I'm really not up to a fast paced crowd tonight.

Enjoy your reading.


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