Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hump Day and I have it off!!!!!!

It would be nice to wake up in the morning and actually feel refreshed from the sleep you just got. These nights are defenately kicking my ass.The last two nights we have been busier than normal with school programs going on and people stopping by our restaurant afterwards. Now don't get me wrong, I'd rather be busy than not and have to find "busy work" just to have something to do. The worst part about me working these nights is that I'm NOT a night person. Long gone are the days I can stay up all hours of the night and still get up in the morning and be able to function.

Yesterday was a long day for me since it started out at the Nursing home with Mom and I having a conference with them about my Dad. We talked about why/how he had gotten so bad that he nearly died and was in the hopsital. I was really thinking they were just letting him go and deteriorate. To an extent they could well be doing that with being under staffed and under paid. Is it acceptable?...NO. I'm staying on them about his care if for no other reason they attend to him to keep me shut up. Whatever it takes. Dad is failing, there is no getting around that. When he's strong enough and eating enough on his own (something he is now back to being able to do with pureed foods only), we as a family made the decision to have the feed tube removed and never go that route again. This will be months down the road, but a decision made none the less. Dad has pneumonia right now and is on meds for that. He's getting physical therapy again for his legs so they aren't being so curled up into himself when he lays in the bed. (like a fetal position). After Mom and I were done at the Nursing home she went with me to pay a bill downtown then we had a quick lunch. (quick was all I had time for). I no sooner got back here, that it was time for me to get dressed for work and head out. I left the house at 1:30pm and pulled up out front lastnight at 12:05am. Yep, long tired day for me.

I'm going to try to enjoy this day off I have today. The weather looks to be promising for a good day. High of 74 degrees so not too hot. I love the sunshine. Makes me in a good mood no matter what seems to be going on. I have to get the oil changed in my truck this morning then after that I have the entire day to do anything I damn well please without having to be somewhere for anyone. (though I did promise Mom I'd stop by at some point today). If Mom feels up to it, I was thinking of scooping her and her bitch of a dog up and taking them with me and Cerebus to the Wilderness Center in Wilmont. Bob and I took Cerebus there for a nice walk and I think Mom would like to be out. Guess that depends on how bad her feet and ankles are hurting her today. So we'll see what happens. I do know that today would be a great day to try to get some photos. Of what??...That depends on what I see.

I should go shopping so I can get my Mom and my Daughter something nice for Mother's Day. I'm just not in a shopping mood so that can wait till Friday...woohoo my other day off this week!! (it's the little things that get me excited). Guess I'm not getting anything accomplished sitting here at this desk, so off I go...............................


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