Saturday, May 06, 2006

Random mumblings

I sure do wish this weather would make up it's mind. I had to go around and close the windows I had open yesterday. Supposed to have a frost tonight so I better bring in my rose bush that is springing back to life.


Seems like the worries I had at work didn't have the horrible outcome I thought it would. So at this point and time I'm not "job hunting"....enough said about that.


I called and talked with my son lastnight. That was a really good conversation that actually lasted about an hour. I was shocked he kept talking that long. He really does hate talking on the phone. We got alot discussed and we both feel better about a few things. It's nice that he and I can openly discuss areas that tend to be uncomfortable and yet come to understandings without making the other upset or angry. Even if it does come to that (which it has before) we talk through it then get over it. He and I have always been like that. I certainly hope it stays that way forever. He has a birthday coming up on the 15th of this month. I sure would love to see him but that's way out of the question. I haven't a clue what to send him. He's one of those guys that says.."don't get me anything". Am I the only one that thinks birthdays are special and should be celebrated? They aren't just for little kids. I'm sure I'll come up with something.


Just going to throw a question out here.......... I was told a long while back that my computer needs a battery. The reason I was told this is that it keeps loosing time on the clock. Currently it's 3 hours behind normal time. Every time I reset it, it slows down again. Sometimes it gets so bad that it's an entire day behind. The question is this.... Where do I find a battery for it? I looked on the Dell site this morning but since I have no clue what I'm searching for, I gave it up. All I could find were batteries for laptops. I'm also wondering if the need for this battery is the cause of some of the other irritatiing problems this computer gives me. Is 4 years old considered ancient in computer life?


I just remembered that yesterday was payday. I have already paid my bills and since I "need" to shop for a birthday gift, I'm feeling the need to run to the store. I'm not a "shopper" and really try to avoid going to the store often. This morning is an exception though. I'm just in a mood to "browse" and see what I find. Perhaps a new pair of work pants are in order to justify this shopping trip. Come to think of it, I was low on laundry soap when I did my load of laundry this morning. Well there....I've justified my trip to walmart after all. Now to get there and get back so I have plenty of time to relax before leaving for work at 1:30pm. (working till midnight tonight...oh joy).


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