Friday, May 12, 2006

Here goes nothing...........

Bought a battery at Radio Shack for $3.99 + tax. Disconnecting the computer to change it...if I don't come back for'll know I screwed something up....hopefully I don't touch a wrong "something" or stay "grounded" like the manual says to and blow the Motherboard.

Honey...feel free to post in my absense.

Well signing off now....wish me luck.


Wow..amazing...I didn't fry my computer after all. That only took me 1/2 an hour. I cleaned out alot of dust too while I had it open. I wonder what all has been effected by that dead battery? Time will tell I suppose. Now I'm off to read my owner's manual and get some education. After all, you never know what your capabilities are if you don't read and see what you can and can't do. I was pretty scared to start messing around inside the computer.

*** I sure hope Bob doesn't put his steel toes through that floppy slot or any other slot on his computer. I may be able to find us both solutions to them running like crap. Personally I think they just have sympathy for each other...but what do I know.***


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