Friday, May 19, 2006

It's nice having pay day off.
Not like I'm planning on spending alot..just a nice feeling to have it off.
I have some financial planning to check on this morning.
I'm not going to Mom's today~~~ I need a break.
I'm selfishly taking this entire day just for me.
Wish I had more than one day off.
I need a few in a row to really unwind.
I need to take a road trip and have no time off to get one.
I miss Bob and need away from here for a few days.
I got my schedule for next week.
Looks like a rubber stamp of the last 3~~~~all nights with Wednesday and Friday off again.
No offense meant towards Tab~~~but I'll sure be glad when she's done with training.
These nights are kicking my ass.
Somewhere on this junk pile of a computer desk is my doctor's appointment card for June so I can get that day requested off.
Suppose I should add cleaning this desk off to my list of things to do today.
Well sitting here all morining isn't getting me out the door with an early start.
Guess I better squeeze in some puppy time too.
I was hoping the weather would be nicer~~~ I haven't taken pictures lately and need to get my camera going on something out there.
Well, I'm out of thoughts so it's time to head out.


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