Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mid afternoon rant......

Ever think to yourself that the trip to the store for bread, milk , bananas and laundry soap really just wasn't that important and could have waited another day??? Let me explain why I feel this way.......

I'm driving down the road with my intermitten wipers on keeping the window clear from this dreaded rain that just won't go away when here comes "Mr. Big Rig" who OBVIOUSLY doesn't understand the concept of what the hell a DOUBLE YELLOW LINE represents. As I swirve ever so slightly to my right (to avoid having my children cash in on an insurance policy prematurly), the guy on my right practically has to curb it all the while blowing his horn and waving some jester with his left hand at me as though I'm the DUMBASS who just got their license from a cracker jack box!!! The nerve of that truck driver thinking he can drive however he wants to on a city street full of cars!! He doesn't own it!!! If this wasn't bad enough, the woman in the parking lot that was driving that SUV (clearly way larger than she needed to be driving as she herself appeared to be only 12 years old and should be driving a damn motorized BARBIE CAR) pulls right in front of me and nearly making Cerebus leave his K-9 nose print in my dashboard forever. I swear he'll never sit in the front seat again thinking that if he does I'll throw him through the window. Already having a crapping time of things this morning and really feeling that I was keeping my cool, I get to the cashout (at our local dollar store because yes folks, I'm cheap at times) only to discover they hired this really HUGE woman (and i'm not really knocking on heavy people because I think that's just rude...I'm merely painting the picture here) who either doesn't care about herself or store uniform policies at all. I nearly called to the manager but bit my tongue. Ladies...come on...if you are anything larger than a 34A...WEAR A FUCKING BRA IN PUBLIC!!!! If I had time. I'd take a nap before work. Seeing as now I have to leave in an hour, I'll just hope a hot shower helps. The nerve of these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How was your morning?


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