Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Holy cow...was I a potty mouth or what yesterday ~~~~hangs head in shame~~~~atleast until the next Sorry folks~~~ you just never know what you may read when you stop by here.

It's nice to have the day off today. Sure wish this rain would stop. It's certainly not as bad here as in New England states that's for sure. I'll try to remind myself about that each time I complain today that I want the sun to shine instead of feeling like a duck in water. Atleast my truck isn't under water and my home is dry inside. Hopefully soon New England states will dry up a bit and those people haven't lost much.

I'm about to head out for the day. Still not sure what all I'm going to do. Most likely just hang out with Mom. It was funny~~~she called me on Monday ~~~saying "I just called to see how you are"~~~~like I've been away for along time~~~was just over there on Friday. Anyway, she found out I was off today and didn't ask what I was doing, instead says "oh, well I'll see you on Wednesday. Ever get the feeling you were just told where to be on your day off??? I kow she didn't mean for it to be implied that I come over, she just knows that usually on my days off I end up at her house. It's just that now I feel obligated to go

I have to stop by my restaurant too. I got a call from the opening supervisor. I took an order for a cake to be made and she can't read my writing for the name. I couldn't remember what it was supposed to be so I have to stop over and decipher my own writing. It's not a big deal. I have all day to do nothing so I can stop by there. Maybe get the pup an ice cream cone.

I'm out of thoughts for now. Hoping all of you have a grand day today.


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