Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Still here

So yeah, nothings improved over here at all~~~~~~still taking 1/2 an hour to download 6 pictures that My Bob sent me last night. Pages are still freezing. I still want to chuck this PC out the front window and watch it smash to pieces on the sidewalk below, but I won't do it. I just want to really bad.

The time ~~~according to the local time/weather station is 10:57am. Just don't look at my computer or you'll be severly late for everything in your life as it tells me the time is 5:43am. I suppose the good part of the is it's atleast on the same day of the week.

A week before I decided to be brave enough to change the battery in here myself, I emailed Dell with questions about it. I never heard back from them. You all know I successfully bought and changed the battery myself. Only for this piece of crap to start malfunctioning all over again. So guess what's in my email today~~~~~~~~yep~~~~~~~not just one, but two emails from Dell asking for my home phone number so they can call me to talk about a possible problem I may be having. If that is their response time I'm ready to email them back to tell them to come over here so I can shove this computer up their asses. ~~~Again that's something I would never do or say~~~~~~~I'm just that pissed off over this thing. I've come to the huge conclusion that I rely on having this this way too much. It has been very useful over the years and I do alot on here. Banking, bill paying etc. and to loose that convience makes it very unpleasant at the least.

I've been out of the house already today to enjoy what little bit of sunshine there is here today. I was only sitting on the front steps reading a book so that Cerebus could be outside too, but it was relaxing. It's still abit chilly around here so I'm naturally back in the house. I have to start getting ready for another evening of work soon so I won't be on here long. I'll be glad for my day off tomorrow.

I need to make a decision soon about what to do with this computer. I either need to shut the hell up about it and just deal with it, or take it to a computer repair shop or call the geek squad out or try to sit here on the phone with Dell and try to explain to them ~~~while making some sense~~~about what this thing is doing/not doing. Even now while trying to type this short simple rant~~~~~ it's taking nearly 1/2 an hour since the page freezes while I type and I have to sit and wait for it to unfreeze. Makes it less fun to post let me tell you.

So now that it's unfroze again~~~~~I'm out of here.


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