Saturday, May 27, 2006

Minor correction

reference to jan's previous post...first of all...ty honey a wonderful thought for you to post that pic...actually regardless of who was in it very was actually taken at Parris Island at Bills Graduation...i do look fat in the pic but remember im standing next to a fresh cut Marine hehe...think he lost about 25 pounds at boot camp.....hmmm wonder if i could still kick his is maintaining at Camp Taqqadum about 13 miles south of Fallujah(could care less if i have the spelling of those correct)...seems very content there and wants to return already even tho he has leave and goes back to Oki in approximately 126 days(but who's counting?) mom is amazed that every so often he calls and we can talk to him while he's right there....she compares it to WWII when ya just waited for them to return and never really heard anything unless via snail mail or bad news...not sure how i woulda coped with that ...its relieving just to get a quick email from him from time to time...dont matter what it says really just the fact that he's ok is what i need to know......his major beefs are with the way things are portrayed in the media back home here....not even close to what its actually like...but leave it to sensationalseekingmedia and oblivious politicians to take advantage of the situation...a lil reminder to all......the people that KNOW whats going on there are the people that are there....not a politician sitting in a/c all day and trying to garner votes...neither the media...who would wanna watch a child go to school thats never gone before...even tho he's 13 now and just started....who would watch a whole platoon bein served dinner by a grateful iraqi family....noone would watch women going to vote...driving.....boring...not newsworthy...but the truth...yes dear im sorry this is not a political forum and im not trying to turn it into one....all im sayin is when ya consider information...consider the source...consider the the truth


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