Friday, June 02, 2006

Another countdown is underway..........

June 21st is only 19 days away.
That's when I get to leave this hell-hole and go see My Bob.
My flight leaves Cleveland at 4:35pm Wednesday the 21st.
I'll arrive in Baltimore this time at 5:55pm.
I'm glad for the short direct flight.
I hate lay-overs. (but have one on the flight back)
I need this time away.
These nights have been kicking my ass in more ways than one.

Bob sent me a couple links to check out for some ideas for our weekend.
I'll be checking them out sometime this afternoon.
Looks like there is going to be some fun in the sun for us no matter what we choose to do.
I'm really excited about getting to see him again~~~I really could care less where we go or what we do as long as we get to be together for awhile.
I just miss him so much.

Okay ~~~~I'll stop for now, but that's what's on my mind these days so deal with it!!

My daughter called me yesterday to let me know that my Grand daughter graduates from kindergarten on Tuesday. I have it off so I'll be able to attend. I'm sure I'll get photos. That should turn out to be a really cute day. They didn't have a graduation for my kids when they gradutated from kindergarten. I think it's cool that they do that. Deydra recieved a certificate at an awards assembly last week for not only being student of the month more than once, but the principal stated before giving her the award, that she was the ONLY student in the class that would get up and read to the entire class. I couldn't be at that awards assembly but Heather went and was a proud Momma. Oh Deydra has had her moments of being bad, don't get me wrong. Like the time she got in trouble for not sitting on the carpet during reading, but instead chose that time to try standing on her head. She got a slip sent home to Heather stating how Deydra disrupted class. They are only 5 and 6 years old ~~~ you have to expect things like Over all she's one of the best students in the kindergarten class and Heather couldn't be more proud of her. I'm proud of Heather for doing such a great job with her. It's hard to believe that Deydra will be turning 6 next month. Time sure flys by. Isaac will be 5 months old already on sunday!!!!

Well I better get off her for now and get some stuff done. Before you know it my day off will be over and I won't have gotten done all I want to do.


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