Sunday, June 04, 2006

If this wasn't real~~~it would make a good fiction novel!

I arrived home from work at 12:20am.
Let the dog out as usual.
IM Bob to let him know I arrived safely home.
Get cleaned up and in bed by 1am.
2:35am it starts~~~~

Stomping on the front porch below my window.
Banging on the neighbor's front door.
My dog barking.
I hear people shouting~~~"BILL?"...."BILL??!!"
More banging on the door.
I realize it's the girl that lives down there.
She must be locked out.

She's talking to someone~~~her sister.
Ev: "Did you call him?"
Cecelia: "Yeah, he's not answering."
Ev: "fucker!"

Now I hear banging on the basement door on the side of the house.
My dog runs to the stairs barking louder.
I get up now.
I hear a window crashing.
I go to the hall window and holler out.
Me: "Are you fucking serious??!!!"
Ev: "Janet, I cut myself, I'm bleeding."
Me: "how bad?"
Ev: (in a drunken stupor) "I dunno".

I stomp down the stairs and open my front door to see Ev standing on the porch with blood all over her hands and running down her arms. FUCK!

Me: "Get in here!"
Me: "Come in the bathroom so I can clean you up"
(her sister comes up but starts to sneak back down the steps)
Ev starts to pass out...SHIT!
Me: "Cecelia, come back up here!!"
Cecelia: "why?"
Me: "Ev's passing out and I'm not catching her ass!!"
Cecelia: "where am I supposed to put her?"
Me: "put her drunk ass on my couch!"
(I had to help) How is it a tiny 5 foot 98 pound soaking wet 23 year old can weigh a freakin ton when they pass out drunk!!??
Cecelia: "I have to go."

GREAT! All I want to do is freakin go to bed and get my sleep....but nooooo...I have to now deal with a drunk that's bleeding on my couch. I call the police.

Me: "Yes, I live at ************ and the downstairs neighbor girl came home drunk and busted a window and is bleeding all over my apartment and I want her out of here!"
Police: "Do you want a medic or police?"
Me: "I don't care what/who you send, just get her out of my apartment so I can go back to bed."
Police: "we'll send someone out."

It didn't take long and a medic unit arrived. I was waiting for them on my porch. I appologize to them for waking them up in the middle of the night for a bullshit call. (My ex used to be a medic for the city so I know what they were thinking). They said it was fine and what was going on. So I filled them in and said she's upstairs on my couch and I really felt she should be seen and possibly get stitches. They follow me upstairs.

Medic 1: "Oh geez she looks 12, how old is she?"
Me: "her early 20's"
Medic 2: "what's her name?"
Me: "Ev"
Medic 2: "Hey, what's your name?
Ev: " Ev"
Medic 1 : "Do you know where you are?"
Ev: "I'm at home, where's Bill?"
Medic 2: (stearnly)"You are not at home, you aren't even in your own apartment!"
Ev: "where's Bill?" (while falling over)
Medic 1: "Whoa now, sit up here and don't fall off the couch."
Ev: (trying to lay back down) "I just want to sleep"
Medic 2: (big guy..muscular) "the only thing you are going to do right now is go to the hospital."
Ev: not responding, too drunk
Medic 1: "let's take the bag back down and get something to carry her in"
They go down and come back with blankets. They spread one on the floor and lay her in it. They were going to wrap her like a coccoon and carry her down the steps. She starts rolling and waving her arms still not speaking.
Medic 2: "oh sure, now she wakes up enough to be combative.!" He grabs her under her arms and wrapped his arms across her chest and the other medic got her legs. That's how they carried her down the stairs to the cot on the sidewalk. Off the went to the hospital. Time now, 2:50am. I go back to bed and try to relax enough to sleep. That alone can be enough to get someone's adrenaline pumping. I'm nearly there, asleep, when all of a sudden I hear it......ringggg, ringggg. Dammit!'s coming from my couch. Ev's cell phone! I ignore it and go back to bed and this time shut my door. I hear nothing till my own phone rings at around 8am this morning. It's My Bob. He never got my offline message when I Im'd him and I'm sure he was concerned about whether or not I made it home safely. I told him all about it and he says. "no wonder you're still in bed". We talked for a little bit then I went back to sleep for about another hour. When I did get up, I called the landlord to let him know she busted out the basement door window. He'll be here around noon today to look at it.

Although I'm up and have been for awhile, I certainly don't feel rested at all. There is not movement of any kind downstairs. No one is home and they haven't even been there to let their dog out. Oh well, not my problem. She can be pissed at me till hell freezes over because I didn't let her drool and bleed all over my couch, but tough. I don't care. I know I did the right thing by getting her medical attention. Maybe she'll think twice before getting that drunk again. Maybe, who knows.

So how did you spend your wee hours of the morning? Hopefully you all got the rest you needed.


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