Monday, June 05, 2006

All's quiet on the home front

I actually got a full night of sleep in. Too bad though that I woke up with a tension headache. (partly sinus too)

Yesterday mid-morning I spoke with "bill"...(downstairs neighbor Ev was hollering for the night before)...seems that Ev got a few stitches and he wasn't aware she went to the hospital by ambulance. He says "oh great, she doesn't have insurance and is going to have a hefty bill with the ER and now an ambulance ride too". I simply told him I had no other choice in the matter. Cecelia left her here so she obviously didn't care enough about her sister's condition to run her to the hospital and no one could get him to get up and answer the door...(turns out he had left the bar earlier by a ride home and was passed out drunk himself and never heard a thing). I have no idea how Ev got home from the hospital or how she finally got in her house...but I don't really care about all that I guess. I just find the whole thing irritating and amazing at the same time. So much lack of compassion for self or others in this scenerio. As for my couch goes, there is no blood on it. Most of that was on my bathroom sink and spots along my hallway that have been scrubbed off. I haven't seen or spoken to Ev yet so I have no idea if she even knows what all happened.

I'm just glad it was quiet last night and that I got some much needed sleep. I work tonight again from 2 to 11:30pm then I have 2 days off in a row. Tomorrow my Grand daughter graduates from kindergarten so that will be a fun thing to see. I agreed to babysit the kids the rest of the day after that for my Daughter. I'm hoping for good decent weather so we can go to the park maybe. Perhaps I'll get to use my tripod for my 35mm camera that my son got for me for my birthday back in January. I've been waiting for a good weather day to do that outside.

For now though, I'm going outside with the dog so he can get some fresh air. I'll get some relaxing in before work. Have a great day all.


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