Thursday, July 06, 2006

I have the day off today and the weather is going to be great!! No rain ata ll in the forecast and it's only going to be in the high 70's so it won't be so hot you can't stand it. I'm going to have my grand daughter all day today. I called my Daughter yesterday and told her to drop her off here instead of taking her to daycare. I'm looking forward to having a great relaxing and somewhat fun day. I have no clue yet as to what we'll end up doing, but with Deydra it's bound to be fun. I think maybe I'll take deydra and Cerebus out for a drive and end up somewhere we can walk in the woods. I see a photo opportunity in here somewhere too. I'm in a good mood just thinking about having a good day. It feels nice to have actually gotten some good sleep in and feel rested when I woke up. I just finished 5 nights in a row of closes and get the next 2 days off. Those nights shifts kick my ass. I swear I'm getting too old to do them anymore. It's not like it's even hard work. Not phyically hard, just mentally draing after awhile. Oh well, what can I do but do them anyway.

The funniest thing ever was in my mailbox when I came home from work lastnight. There was a letter from the AARP stating that they have noticed I haven't signed up for my benefits yet even though I qualify. I'm sitting here looking at it thinking since when does someone only 45 yrs old qualifyt for benefits from the AARP. On the back of this letter it says that if you are over 50 then why are you waiting? I about died from laughter. Stupid stuff like auto mailers crack me up. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against getting older. Infact the thought of being 50 in a few years appeals to me. Why? I don't know. I just think it's funny. I never thought I'd ever be 45 let alone 50 one day. As a kid I always thought that was older than dirt itself. To be honest here, I love it when people tell me there is no way I'm 45. Makes a person feel good. If I'm alone with my grandkids, people assume they are mine. Once when I was picking Deydra up from daycare they thought I was her Aunt. They didn't believe that I was old enough to be my Daughter's Mother. I love it. Pretty soon though, if I don't get my hair colored again those statements may stop. My grey hair is showing through again.

I haven't had a book to read in just one day but it feels longer. Could it be I'm in withdraw? I can go forever without reading until I find a good book that captures my interest and holds my attention. This series I've been reading by John Sandford is doing just that. I'm thinking a run to the book store is in order today as well. Perhaps I'll even buy my Deydra a book. It's awesome that she is in beginner books and reading as well as she does. It would be great to just sit outside somewhere and have her read me a book. How cool would that be. Lots of possibilities today. I'm sure looking forward to them all.

What will you be doing today?


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