Friday, June 30, 2006

Not a bad way to spend the day

Had my doctor's appointment this morning for that ultra sound of my heart. The technician doing the ultra sound said my heart looked fine. She also said the radiologist will look over the test result and talk to the doctor about it in the next few days. I'm not worried about it at all anymore.

Took my Mom and my Grand daughter to the Disney picture "Cars". We all enjoyed the afternoon. Afterwards I took my grand daughter on a much needed clothes shopping trip. Poor kid is growing out of all her shorts. I took care of that with a few new pairs. Dropped her off at the hair shop where my daughter works and she cut her hair some more. Deydra wanted it pretty short since it's so hot. Heather told her no more hair cuts for the rest of the summer now. She so darn cute it doesn't matter if her hair is short or long.

Now I'm home for the rest of the evening to sit here and rest and unwind. It's been a good day off that's for sure.


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