Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Short Update

It's safe to say I've been pretty busy this week.
Closed both Sunday and Monday night 2 to 11:30 and never made it home till after midnight.
Tuesday was Deydra's 6th Birthday and she spent the entire day with me.
I took her to Geauga Lake Amusement Park .
We had the best time a Grandma can have with her Grand daughter let me tell you.
We were there from noon to 6:30pm.
We spent 90% of the day at the water park.
She said to me atleast 3 times that I remember..."this is the best Birthday ever!!!"
Mission accomplished!!
She was so worn out that I'm still not sure she remembers walking up the stairs to my apartment.
She spent the night with me lastnight.

Today was spent mostly with Deydra in the morning while Isaac had that laser surgery for that tiny growth in his mouth.
Spent the rest of the afternoon helping my Daughter move some of her stuff over to her new aprtment.
The best part of the deal was since she now has central air conditioning, she gave me her little window unit.
Now I have a/c in my bedroom and livingroom.

Too tired tonight to post any new pictures.
I'll be posting some tomorrow though.


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