Sunday, July 16, 2006

Crazy Day yesterday

Morning started out ok...nothing out of the ordinary.
Stopped to pick up some product for work that we were out of.
I get to work and for some unknown reason my day fell apart in seconds.
I get out of the truck.
I left the windows rolled down because it was so hot so there was no need to lock the truck.
(best unconscious move I made)
I'm standing outside the truck with the driver door open.
I put my purse on my left shoulder and attach my keys to my purse.
I pick up the bag of stuff I just picked up which included a huge jar of applesauce.
I have these items cradled in my left arm.
With my right hand I proceed to shut the driver door to my truck.
I ALWAYS just push it shut.
I have no clue why this particular time while shutting the door, I kept my hand around it.
The next thing I know my middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger was still in the door.
There I stand with my left arm full of stuff and my right hand shut in the damn car door!!!
I have never shut my hand in the door before and let me tell you it hurts like hell!!!
How I managed NOT too drop the things I was holding is simply amazing.
Things were registering pretty slowly too it seemed.
Looking at my fingers shut in the door, tried to pull them out, realizing now it's hurting.
Finally reached down with my left fingers and lifted the latch to open the door.
I had a dent in my fingers at an angle across all 3 cuticles.
Keep in mind that I have some arthritis in my knuckles so it compounded the pain.
The cuticle on my middle finger hurt the worst.
After I got inside of work I put an ice pack on my hand.
Took over the shift from the day supervisor and heard about all the strangeness from her shift.
It was just a weird night is all I'll say about it.
Late in the evening my Daughter calls me to tell me my Grandson has been admitted to Akron Children's Hospital.
He's had this "cyst" on his inner thigh that he's been on meds for.
Well, it started seeping and long story short needs lanced.
He's getting that done at 10am this morning.
I'll update on that later.
I'm hoping today is a better day.
Atleast my fingers aren't nearly as sore and aren't bruised like I thought they'd be.


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