Friday, July 14, 2006

You know, I just don't get some people

On my way to work yesterday morning I was behind this small car. I beleive it was a little honda prelude. (not that it really matters). It was still a little dark but the morning sun was coming up enough that it wasn't hard to see what was infront of you. The road I take is mostly 40mph. There is a small stretch that passes a golfing community and the speed limit drops down to 35mph. Not far passed a certain intersection, there is a pond off to the right. It is well known for the geese to hang out around there. This particular morning the geese were crossing the road. Now I saw them and I was behind the car in front of me. I saw the geese from the headlights of the oncoming cars waiting for the geese to cross the road. The car infront of me couldn't care less what was infront of him as he didn't even slow down and just plowed right through this flock of geese. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was so angry and stunned as I saw thousands of feathers everywhere and poor geese being tossed around like bowling pins. I'm sure I'm making this sound humorous but trust me here folks it was disheartening to see. I had to stop completely and see infront of me geese trying to drag their injured bodies to the side of the road while others laid there distorted and dead. The rest of the flock that was on either side of the road were just honking wildly. It was really a sad thing to witness. If I would have seen the license plate number of that car, I would have called the police immediately and reported him. You hit one goose at 40mph and you're going to kill it, let alone about 12 to 15 geese. I had to wait for about 4 oncoming cars to pass the scene carefully so I could cross over and pass these poor creatures on the opposite side of the road. What could any of us commuters do at this point but to keep moving on to our destinations. Later in the afternoon on my way home from work (same road), I remembered that seen as on the lawns there were still areas covered with feathers. I just don't understand how some people have total disregard for animals.


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