Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Update on my life.............

Where to begin......wow.....I haven't written about so much that's been going on and now it's time to write an update.

I'll start with I turned my 3 week notice in at work yesterday to my Manager. She told me congratulations and asked me if Bob and I were getting married. Well, just because 2 people decide to live together for the rest of their lives, doesn't always mean they are getting married..... ( I'm not opposed to that idea....just something that's not happening in the near future). August 20th will be my last day of work until I get settled in at our new apartment in Maryland and look for work there.

My son and his roommates have entered into the land of "renting to own" a doublewide trailer with a fenced in yard. I'm positive they will truely enjoy this much better than the apartment complex they were in. I'll be taking Cerebus down to David the last weekend in August. My Grand daughter gets to go along since she won't be starting school until August 30th. She's so excited to see her Uncle D-Dee (something she's called him since she started talking and couldn't say David....hehehe.....he loves it too). I have plans to take her to the beach so she can see the ocean and so that she can bring herself back some beach sand for the shells he gave her for Christmas last year.

On the way back here from Florida, I'll be driving over to Maryland and picking up Bob so he can come here without his truck and help me with a U-haul. Our estimated day of departure from here is August 29th or 30th. Our Ultimate countdown has finally arrived. It's been 2 years since Bob and I have been "together" and we are finally making it happen to actually "be together" and will no longer have a distance between us. It's going to be an adjustment for us both, but I'm confident that things are going to be just fine. Everytime we are together it just feels so comfortable and right. I feel like we have always been with each other and I truely love that feeling.

Some have asked me ...."What about your Daughter and her kids?" I ask back..."What about them?" My Daughter is doing a fantastic job of raising her 2 kids. She's a very good Mother and my Grand Daughter is so smart. Heather doesn't "rely" on me for much as it is. She's a hard worker and has goals for herself and her kids. I'm not "leaving them abandoned" here and never coming back. I'm just moving farther away and will be back as often as possible. I'll even be taking a small leave of absense from work (wherever I get a job) to come back and help her when it's time for the new baby to be born. I'll be giving Heather my computer since Bob and I don't need to have 2 of them. This way my Grand daughter and I and Heather and I can talk on messenger with the webcams and Deydra won't miss me as much. It's going to be an adjustment for everyone. Even for my Mom. If anyone relies on me for things it's my Mom. I do alot for her. She's happy that I'm moving to be with Bob. She wants me to be happy. Her own parents dictated her life so much and even after she was married dictated it to such a degree that she and my Dad nearly hated the woman for it. Mom swore she'd never do that to me. I've made my life's choices and they haven't always been good ones. Mom sits back and cares but doesn't intrefere. I'm that way with my own kids. I don't always like the choices they make and have made, but how else do you grow up and mature without making some bad choices along the way. I love my Daughter and her kids and abondoning them is something I feel is unheard of thinking. I'll me back this way as often as possible. She and the kids and my Mom will defenately see me more often than any of us has seen my son since he moved away to Florida a year ago. He hasn't been back here since he left. I won't do that. We all understand he hasn't had the funds to come back for a visit. I'm also planning on having my Mom come over to Maryland for a visit. She has a cousin that lives in upper Maryland that she writes to now and then and I think it would be cool to arrange a visit possibly with them somethime. My Mom would enjoy that. I'll never mention it to her incase I can't pull it off, but I'm thinking about doing that.


That's the latest update in my life at the moment. Another thing is Mom is getting ready to go on a mini vacation for herself to go visit with my Sister. Mom's Birthday is Monday the 7th and she'll be 74yrs old. She bought herself a plane ticket to California to see my Sister. She leaves on Wednesday the 9th. That just also happens to be the day I go in for that sleep test. I discovered what the Doctor will be looking for on this test. He'll be looking to see if I have sleep apnea. I know this can be something that can be pretty serious, but I'm not going to keep doing test after test for it. I was actually thinking of cancelling the test all together, but Bob and I decided I should go ahead and have it.

I feel so much better now that I'm able to write in here about what's been going on in my life. I'm so excited and wish it was all happening this week. I have alot to do with packing and deciding what I need and want and don't want and don't need. It's fun and exhausting all at the same time. It's no wonder I haven't been sleeping good with so much on my mind. There's more to talk about but I think if I haven't bored anyone yet with this post, I would if I continued.


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