Friday, August 04, 2006

Who in their right mind misses a DOOBIE BROTHER'S concert????

Well that would be me!!! This week is the Pro football Hall of Fame week here in Canton, Ohio and I tend to stay away from all activities involved. I'm not a huge crowd person as it is. BUT...had I known the Doobie Brothers would be here at the fairgrounds performing a 90 minute ass would have been there!!!!!!!!! Storm or no storm, I would have not missed that for anything!!! I just read about it in the local news paper. Sold out crowd and they played all the greatest hits....I'm sooooooo mad right now. (I'll be over it though by the time I post this) Yesterday afternoon was the first I heard they were here and naturally my boss said that was were she was going....grrrrrrr. she schedules Tab and I both to work then she that even fair??? Oh well, I hope she had a great time...(I'm more than sure she did). Dammit anyway!! If I would have only known I would have requested to work a different shift!


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