Thursday, August 10, 2006

What's up around here........

Lots going on around here.
Still packing and cleaning and working my regular shifts.
Took the day off from everything yesterday.
Mom left yesterday for her flight to California.
Wouldn't you know that on her first ever flight alone, there is a hightened security level in effect after she gets underway!!
She was on American Airlines and they are based in Dallas.
Just so happens that Mom's connecting flight to San Jose was in Dallas.
She was delayed for 2 hours.
I haven't heard from her yet or my Sister, but I'm assuming she's fine.
I know that she had a really long day yesterday and flying through time zones doesn't help.
She left here at 5:07pm (EST).
She was supposed to arrive at San Jose at 9:59pm(PDT) making that 1:00am here.
The last I knew when my sister called me @ 1:30am to let me know Mom's plane was late, was that she was only an hour behind schedule.
I'm just hoping she wasn't freaked out at all.
With California being 3 hours behind us here in Ohio, I won't call to find out how things are.
At the moment it's only 5:20am there. I think they'd all shoot me if I called.
I'm waiting for my Sister to send me an email letting me know how Mom is after that whole ordeal.
I have to work again tonight from 2pm to midnight.
I need to get my kitchen stuff organized and packed and tossed out then clean the kitchen.
Before I know it, time will be shortened on me and I'll have to rush to get stuff done.
It would be so much easier if I didn't have to keep working my shifts, but oh well, I wanted one more paycheck before I left.

Heather colored my hair yesterday afternoon.
No more grey!!!
It's darker than it has been in awhile, but it's more my natural color now.
Maybe later I put some highlights in it....I still haven't decided on that.


I think I'm actually out of stuff to talk about for this morning.

Mom called me from Gloria's. She doesn't even sound tired. That's so good. She says the reason her flight was delayed was because a part needed repaired in the air conditioning on the airplane. They sat there (on the plane) throughout the entire delay!! She saw on the news when they arrived back at my Sister's about the bomb threats and airport delays. She said she never saw anything weird at the Dallas airport. She said if she had, that might have made her worry. I'm just glad she made it there ok and seems to be fine and not at all worried about flying back on Saturday.


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