Friday, August 18, 2006

Who says there isn't anything to do in Canton, Ohio??

Just become related to us and there is plenty to do at any given moment!! (This month anyway). Here's what's going on as of just today :

1.) I took Mom to her doctor's appointment ~~~~ ( She thought she was getting a bad chest cold)
~~~~ Get a prescription for a Walker and a shower chair.

2.) Gloria made (what seemed like 1,000 phone calls) and set mom up for a new furnance with central air.

3.) Sold Mom's car.

4.) I babysat Deydra all day ~~~~ (she accompanied me to the Doctor's with my Mom).

5.) Gloria took Mom to lunch and to pick up her walker and meds for her bad cough.

6.) I took about 6 boxes of items out of my house over to Heather's apartment that either was theirs to begin with or that I gave them since I'm moving.

7.) I disassembled a crib someone gave her that had missing pieces and stunk from being in a basement forever and took it to the dumpster.

8.) Just arrived back home at 8:30pm after a day that started at 9am this morning.

I know it doesn't really seem like much when I don't go into details of how the day REALLY went, but I'm sure anyone reading this has a great idea of what kind of hectic day we all have had. There is no time for me to rest. Tomorrow in the morning I want to go see my Dad ~~~~ (I never made it over there today) ~~~~ then I have some detailed cleaning to get started on for this apartment. I am 95% all done packing. I only have 2 shifts left of work then I'm all done. I work Saturday (tomorrow) from 2 to midnight then Sunday night 2 to 11:30pm. On Monday I'll need to turn in my keys and uniforms then get the rest of the 5% of things accomplished that I haven't finished already. Mom is getting her brand new furnace installed on Monday ~~~ Gloria will be there for that ~~~. Monday will be my last day online. My DSL is being shut off on Tuesday the 22nd. I'll be taking my computer over to Heather's then and setting it up for her. She won't have it online for another week though.

This is all overwhelming to small degree. I'm happy and thrilled that it's all coming together for everyone. We really have to go with Dad, one day at a time. We just don't know when, so we are all moving on with things in our lives and will do what needs done when the time comes. At least the prearrangements are made. At this posting, I only have 6 days left till I drive to Florida to see my son and drop off Cerebus to him. I get to see Bob in just 9 short days!!!! Then we never have to be apart again!! I have just 11 more days till my big move. Less than 2 weeks. I never thought it would get here with all that we've had going on. My Sister leaves in one week to go back to California. She has done alot since she's been here and I'm glad she got some things done with Mom that I haven't been able to do.

Now I think it's time to go lay down and get some much needed rest.


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