Monday, August 14, 2006

Not so good news..........

Well...I'm supposed to be at work right now.....called off since I had to be at the Nursing Home all day.

They called me at 11am to let me know Dad is very ill and they thought it best if we came in.

He was rough this morning...didn't think he'd make till tonight.

He's now on "comfort care" and they started his morphine.

I'm covered tomorrow at work also, but I have no clue what's going to happen with Dad....something like this, you don't know how long they can "hang on".

Last I knew his b/p was 98/50 and his blood oxygen level went from 72 to only 79 after they put him on oxygen.

Mom is staying in his room tonight...I came home about 7:45 and will call before I go to bed to see how he's doing.

Tough time right Sister is on her way here from California and will arrive in Cleveland at 4pm tomorrow and is staying for 2 weeks (atleast).

I only had 5 more shifts to fulfill my notice and now I don't know what's up with that....I just hope they realize this is something legitimate and I'm not just trying to get out of working out a notice...Family comes first....still planning on working out some kinds of notice....I just am to drained at the moment to think.

TUESDAY August 15th, 2006

Dad is doing surprisingly better today. A huge difference from yesterday. We really didn't think he'd make it through the night. He's very very pale and is still making that "gargle sound" when he breathes, but seems to be way more alert today. He even waves at me and says Hi....something he hasn't done in a very long time. We still don't know what to expect because he is failing and is still pretty sick. Atleast his breathing has slowed down. My sister will be here in a few hours and she'll be able to access him way better just from the knowledge she has. Mom spent the night in his room and I took her out for breakfast this morning. We went back and sat with him for a few hours, but I brought Mom home with me so she could lay down in my bed and get some rest. Sleeping in the reclyner in Dad's room wasn't too good for her. I'll take her back when I leave to go pick up Gloria from the airport.

I have decided that unless Dad takes a huge turn for the worse over night tonight, that I'm going back to work on Thursday to work my 6:30 to 4 shift. I called them a little bit ago to let them know. This is all so mentally draining with all that my family has been going through this month so far. Just with me alone trying help my Daughter move to her new apartment and me packing and getting ready to move and getting my Mom's trip taken care of and working all the hours I've been working at the same time, has drained me alot. Soon I'll be able to just sit down and relax. I'm a bit concerned about my Mom right now. This is so hard on her. She's way more drained than I am. She's constantly worrying about so many things. I just don't want to see her break down. I've watched her have too many close calls with nervous breakdowns over the years. Pray for her more than for me if you will. If Mom's ok, then I'll be ok.


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