Sunday, September 03, 2006

Please pray for Isaac

Heather called me at 10:30pm lastnight to let me know that Isaac is in Akron Children's Hospital. He woke up with a temperature yesterday morning so she gae him some tylenol and it went down. She dropped him and Deydra at daycare and told them to monitor his temp and if it went back up to call her. Well, the daycare doesn't keep them if their temp goes up to 100. They never called her to pick him up so she figured he was ok. When she picked the kids up at 5:30pm Isaac was really hot. She drove straight to Stat-Care. She didn't tell me what his temp was at that moment, but they wanted a urine test done since he smelled so strong. While they were waiting for that test result, Isaac had a seizure. Heather screamed for the Nurse who saw what was going on and called for the head doctor. They called 911 and sent him to the main hospital. Mercy sent him straight up to Akron to the children's hospital. Deydra is staying at her other Grandma's house. They took a spinal tap on Isaac and said he has menengitis. He is now sedated and on a breathing tube so he can get more oxygen to his brain. (I learned all this later after she called me back at 2am). She said that everytime he started coming awake he'd reach for that breathing tube to pull it out so that is now why he's sedated.

Poor little Isaac has been in and out of the hospital since he's been born. I'm worried now for Heather as she has such panic in her voice when she describes him to me. This is alot for any Mother to go through. I feel bad that there isn't anything I can do to make her feel better about it. Even if I was still living back there, I wouldn't be able to do anything. He's in the best hands he can be in right now. I'm hoping to get more information from her today when I call her back. Please keep them all in your prayers for me.

~~~~ EDIT ~~~~

Isaac is now out of PICU and into a regular room. All the test results are in and he has VIRAL MENENGITIS which is far better than Bacterial Menegitis. The doctor at this point can't say just how long he'll keep him admitted. He said it will just be a day to day thing. Heather was glad that they took out the breathing tube and are no longer keeping him sedated. She said whatever meds they gave him for the siezure made him swell up. I just spoke with her a little while ago and she sounds very drained. The good thing about Akron Children's Hospital, is they really make it as comfortable for the parents as possible. Hopefully soons he'll be better and the scare will be over.


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