Tuesday, September 05, 2006

jan and bobs first regular day today

welp jan's been here a week today...been a full week of running around getting furniture and shelves and pots and pans and everything else that goes into creating a new household together....i was able to fit in little work in between our errands...but...ive had what to me at least was a semi serious case of vertigo since last thursday...so all this had to fit in between room spins and lack of balance....which isnt neccessarily a good thing for someone that spends a fair amount of time on a ladder of some sort...anyways it seems to be fading incrementally day by day so its all good....the place is taking shape thanks to jan....and finally feels like a home...something it did not feel like when i had my Dewalt table saw box and compound mitre saw box for tables ....although the Dewalt yellow is one of my fav colors....so today..was really our first "normal" day...i went to work for a full day and jan was "homemaker"....and although the thoughts of her covered in chocolate or peanut butter syrup and sprinkles(from the ice cream machine at friendlys where she worked in CAN TON) are somewhat pleasant..the thought that she doesnt have to do that any more is even more pleasant...so she met me at my jobsite and took me to lunch....then when i got home she had made lasagna which was really cheesy...just the way i like it...and a strawberry/pineapple pound cake concotion that would make my mom jealous....anyways....we're gettin settled into somewhat of a routine and things are well...now its time to go cuz theres a nekid woman in my bed:)

guess im signed in as jan but if ya havent figured it out yet its bb:)


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