Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Decision time

I recieved a call from my Mom this morning. Seems my Dad is taking another turn for the worse. I called the Nursing home and talked to his Nurse. It seems that Dad is right back to where he was when we had my sister fly in from California. After talking it over with Mom, I guess we have decided that I'll stay here until Dad has passed then go back to help her get things finallized. With Dad's situation, he could get better then relapse again. It doesn't sound good though and I'm prepared to head out the minute I get a call saying he's not recovering this time.

I guess now I have to decide to do as far as traveling goes. Do I fly out and get there faster then rent a car or just drive the 6 hours it will take and only worry about the gas for expense (and the wear and tear on my truck that already has 140,000 miles on it). Decisions, decisions.


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