Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Productive Morning

I'm almost official now as being a resident of Maryland. I successfully recieved my Maryland Driver's License. (Not a small feat around here). They practically want your first born child etc. before they issue you anything. At any rate, I have them now and they are good until January of 2012.....(that seems so long from now). This only had a cost of $45. Now the next thing I need to do is try to get my truck plates. It's way more complicated here than back in Ohio. They do emition (sp) testing here which I'm pretty sure my truck might not pass without some work done on the exhaust first. I'm pretty sure I have all the documents needed to the registration, but I won't be surprised if they spring something weird on me. I'll do that tomorrow though.

I now have my new bank card for my new checking account too. Guess pretty soon I should try to look for a job. I'm so glad Bob isn't making me rush out and get one. I'm so enjoying just getting settled in around here and learning where things are and my way around. I suppose soon I'm going to have to venture out on the "Beltway" and get a real taste of DC driving so I'm not shocked when I do get a job that might require me to drive that in a morning or afternoon commute. I've driven on the "Beltway" a few times, but never for long as it's always been just to arrive here from Ohio. Baby steps for me.

For now though, it's time to hop off here and figure out what I want to surprise Bob with for dinner. Poor guy ate like crap while I was back in Ohio.


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