Thursday, September 14, 2006

So yesterday went great. Dinner was a hit. I made a cool Bistro Chicken dish that only took about 35 minutes total prep/cook time. I love because I'm discovering that I enjoy cooking. Especially now that I'm not just eating by myself. After dinner lastnight, Bob and I sat down to play some Jenga. I'll admit, he's the master. I lost both games. We got the tower to 30 rows on the first game and somehow managed to get it up to 32 rows the second time. It's a tense game but loads of fun. Here's the Jenga master himself.

Since I'm sharing photos, here's a few from when I took Cerebus down to Florida and we introduced him to the ocean for the first time.

Notice he had to be carried into the water.....hehehe. Poor puppy never saw water move towards him before and he never saw so much at one time.

He defenately turned into a chick magnet for David right away as a few girls stopped by asking to "pet his dog". Needless to say, David was liking this idea of having the dog. Go figure. I miss having the dog around but I'm really glad he's not here too. I'm glad he's not alone for 11 to 12 hours a day anymore.

Well, I guess this is enough blabbling for one afternoon. Perhaps now I'll venture out and make a trip to Wal-mart.


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