Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jan's New Car

It's new to me and drives really nice and rides just as well. With us not wanting a vehicle payment at this time and not wanting to spend very much money, that left us in an older vehicle category. We ended up 2 years older than the truck but with 56,000 less miles, mechanically sound and NO RUST!!! We noticed also on the carfax report that the orginal owner bought the car new in 1996 and had it for 9 years before trading it in. That to me was a huge plus to know it hadn't changed ownership until last year. The dealer gave us $1100 for a trade in and with the condition the truck was in, we were happy to get that. The poor truck is ending up on the auction block as he's no good to the dealership in it's condition. I'm now registered in Maryland and have a 60 day temp tag. They told me in about 3 weeks my regular plates will be in and they'll call me and I'll drive back out there so they can put them on. It was also nice to have the reduction in insurance payments as well.

So here it 1996 Saturn. (Sorry Dale, I hate red cars)


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