Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well let's see, as of this morning, Bob has lost 20 pounds and I have lost 15 pounds. We first started working out at the gym on February 17, 2008. Our weight loss has been (between us both) 35 pounds off in just 42 days. I feel that in itself is amazing. We both see areas of improvement and get excited to see more results. We have been eating healthy and that helps so much. We were just thinking this morning how much less weight is on the bed now when we lay down to go to sleep. You never really think about how much a a strain you put on your furniture until you loose weight. We have a dance that we are going to on May 16th and if I keep up my weight loss like I have been, I'll be down to about 164 pounds. I haven't seen that low of a number in about 4 years now. I have always been a yo-yo person in my weight gains and losses. I'm really praying now, that I'm smart enough to keep this weight off for good. I'm not getting any younger and the older you get, the harder it is to loose the weight. The important thing to me now, is that I feel good. I'll be buying a new dress for the dance soon since what I have here will be way to big! I have my skinny pants in storage and can't wait to get into them again. It will be like getting a new wardrobe without spending too much money.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

One month report.......

We have been going to the gym now for one month. My starting weight was 200 lb. and I'm happy to say that I did indeed reach my 12 lb. loss mark this morning. I'm now down to 188 lbs. I feel good too.

I have discovered that my mindset seems to be in tune with what my body needs and doesn't need. Just for an example, this morning after I made fresh squeezed orange juice with my new juicer, and drank my glass, I realized that I was drinking the equivalent of 2 oranges. I went to grab a yogurt out and my mind said to put it back because you just ate 2 whole oranges. If I would have stood there and peeled 2 oranges and ate them, it would have been silly to eat a yogurt too. So what is the difference in my drinking them? I love this new juicer because it gets all of the inside of the orange out by spinning in both directions. There was nothing left but the empty orange rind. After our workout, Bob @ I only had a taste for a salad. We had a nice steak last night for dinner (the first steak in over 2 or 3 weeks). Since we had so much left over from not pigging out on it like we used to, we sliced it up for the salad. Yummy!! It feels good to have energy and to eat right. It's nice that my mind is working for me in the right direction as well. I could have had the yogurt and it wouldn't have been over eating, but I really did feel full after that tall glass of OJ. I think my mind was telling me to put it back because I felt full. That is a mile stone for me.

Bob has lost 13LBs he says since we joined the gym. WooHoo for both of us. It sounds cool to say that between the both of us we have dropped 25 LBS.! More later on our progress.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I suppose I shouldn't just talk about my progress....

Bob is making his own progress and doing rather well at it. I'm not sure what his weight was when we started at the gym back in February, but I know that he was up to 210 the first week in January. This morning he stepped on the scale and is down to 190.6. He has now dropped 19.4 pounds. I'm proud of his accomplishment. I really can't stand it now that he only weighs one pound more than I do!! Hopefully by Sunday I'll have reached 12 pounds dropped.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Progress report

Bob & I are starting to feel much better. We both stopped taking any over the counter meds, as they just seemed to make us feel spacey all day and really weren't working on getting rid of anything. Going to the gym really helps out alot too when you don't feel good. I seemed to have gotten better workouts by forcing myself to get there and get active as opposed to just sitting on the couch feeling like a sombie and wanting to sleep for a week straight. My head is much clearer now that most of the sinus infection has left.

I was really happy this morning when I woke up and stepped on the scale. After my hard workout last evening at the gym, I have dropped yet another pound and I'm now down to 190 pounds. That's 10 pounds gone since February 17th. One week shy of a month of working out. My goal is to get up enough energy to get to the gym and increase my workouts so that I can drop 12 to 14 pounds a month. I've done it before so I know I can do it again. I'm hoping to be at my goal weight by mid June. I also know that if I don't reach that goal, it's not the end of the world. I won't get depressed and eat again like a piggie. I wasn't going to set a goal, but after careful consideration, I realized that I need a goal to work towards or I won't push myself.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weigh in day.........

Got up this morning and weighed in like I have been now for the past 3 Sunday's. I weighed in at 191.2 pounds. 9 pounds less in 3 weeks is good for just starting out and for being sick and missing the gym for a week. I'm feeling better, but now Bob is sick. We managed a good workout today at the gym. We try to do an extra workout on Sunday's since that's the day when we have the most time to be there. I'm positive that I'll reach my weight loss goal by mid June. That's when I'm hoping to be down to 150 pounds.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's amazing what Nyquil can do for you..........

I'm still not 100% better, but after sleeping the afternoon and evening away yesterday in a Nyquil induced stuper, I feel much better. I don't have the energy to stand long at the sales counter, so I doubt I'll have energy for the treadmill either. I think one more day off from the gym should do it for me. I did step on the scales this morning to discover that I have lost more weight. I'm now at 192.0 pounds. I have lost 8 pounds in just 2 & 1/2 weeks! I'll be very happy if 2 more pounds are gone by the time I weigh in on Sunday!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Feeling like crap.........

For the past few days, I've had swollen glands in the back of my throat. Still going to work though as I'm not a call off person. On my desk is a giant tub of clorox wipes that I use on the phones and keyboards that I use. I'm trying my best to just stay at my desk, but I do have to step up to the sales counter and wait on customers. Thank goodness we aren't too busy so far today.

Bob & I usually go to the gym on Tuesdays, but I had zero energy to even be out of bed let alone go work out so we stayed home. I probably should go this afternoon so I don't get behind in my workouts, but we'll see if I can even stay at work all day.

***Left work about two hours after posting this to come home and go back to bed. I have no fever but I feel like crap!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just a little smaller......

Sunday seems to be my weigh in day since that was the first day I weighed in at the gym. Bob bought us a new digital scale yesterday and I like this one way better than our old one. I have lost 2 more pounds. I'm now weighing in at 195.6 pounds. Bob is making us a fruit platter for breakfast as I type this and later today we are going to the gym. On Sunday the gym doesn't open until 10am. and I think it's only open until 5pm. I do know that I'll be using the pool and whirlpool area today too. I really don't know how to swim but I can keep myself from drowning. I always say I swim like a frog. Our friend Paul said last night that I just use the breast stroke. I feel like a frog when I swim and I think it's funny to say I'm "froggy" while I'm swimming. I love the water jets in the whirlpool. It feels so good on that bad spot in my lower back. Someday when we have our own house, I want us to get a whirlpool to have on the deck.

I've been asked to peel the orange so I have to go................(I'm out of things to say anyway)