Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just a little smaller......

Sunday seems to be my weigh in day since that was the first day I weighed in at the gym. Bob bought us a new digital scale yesterday and I like this one way better than our old one. I have lost 2 more pounds. I'm now weighing in at 195.6 pounds. Bob is making us a fruit platter for breakfast as I type this and later today we are going to the gym. On Sunday the gym doesn't open until 10am. and I think it's only open until 5pm. I do know that I'll be using the pool and whirlpool area today too. I really don't know how to swim but I can keep myself from drowning. I always say I swim like a frog. Our friend Paul said last night that I just use the breast stroke. I feel like a frog when I swim and I think it's funny to say I'm "froggy" while I'm swimming. I love the water jets in the whirlpool. It feels so good on that bad spot in my lower back. Someday when we have our own house, I want us to get a whirlpool to have on the deck.

I've been asked to peel the orange so I have to go................(I'm out of things to say anyway)


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