Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally getting serious

Things have been happening around here that have been dragging me down. After many serious conversations and actions being taken, I feel life is getting back on track in a positive move forward. Life just gets you down sometimes when it throws a curve ball your way and you just have to make up your mind how you're going to deal with those curves. I feel the right choices have been made and that things here will turn around and start looking up again.

Part of things that are changing, is that Bob & I have decided to do more things together and get out of the rut that we have allowed ourselves to get into. The first decision made was to join a gym together and work as a team in getting healthy again. This is the place we joined called Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex.

We started our membership today and had a great time working out and sweating together. It feels great to be back into working out and this time I'm not alone doing it. We will not only be losing weight together, but we are on the right track to becoming a better team and building up our relationship. We may also start volunteering somewhere once a week together. I may even take a Spanish class. That would help me out with my job since there are several Hispanics where I work as employees and customers. I stepped onto the scales in the gym today (fully clothed in my workout stuff and shoes) and I about fainted on the spot. It said I was 200 pounds!!!!! My Ultimate goal is to get to 150 pounds. If I make that then I'll see how I look and feel as to whether or not I go down to 140 pounds. I want something that I know in my mind is an obtainable goal. Rather than sit here and be depressed over how fat I allowed myself to become, I'm going to look at it as I'm going to save my life and get healthy. I'll post a photo of us now and then again after we have lost a few pounds. I'm looking forward to starting over again and in a positive way.

Bob & I now...................


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