Sunday, March 16, 2008

One month report.......

We have been going to the gym now for one month. My starting weight was 200 lb. and I'm happy to say that I did indeed reach my 12 lb. loss mark this morning. I'm now down to 188 lbs. I feel good too.

I have discovered that my mindset seems to be in tune with what my body needs and doesn't need. Just for an example, this morning after I made fresh squeezed orange juice with my new juicer, and drank my glass, I realized that I was drinking the equivalent of 2 oranges. I went to grab a yogurt out and my mind said to put it back because you just ate 2 whole oranges. If I would have stood there and peeled 2 oranges and ate them, it would have been silly to eat a yogurt too. So what is the difference in my drinking them? I love this new juicer because it gets all of the inside of the orange out by spinning in both directions. There was nothing left but the empty orange rind. After our workout, Bob @ I only had a taste for a salad. We had a nice steak last night for dinner (the first steak in over 2 or 3 weeks). Since we had so much left over from not pigging out on it like we used to, we sliced it up for the salad. Yummy!! It feels good to have energy and to eat right. It's nice that my mind is working for me in the right direction as well. I could have had the yogurt and it wouldn't have been over eating, but I really did feel full after that tall glass of OJ. I think my mind was telling me to put it back because I felt full. That is a mile stone for me.

Bob has lost 13LBs he says since we joined the gym. WooHoo for both of us. It sounds cool to say that between the both of us we have dropped 25 LBS.! More later on our progress.


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