Friday, January 12, 2007

What a Friday

I slept horribly bad lastnight and woke up with a terrible throbbing headache. My eyes were puffy and swollen and I didn't even want to move. I got up anyway because I hate it when a headache kicks my ass. I ate my small breakfast and took something for the headache and went off to work with Bob. Thank goodness he had a light schedule and there really wasn't much for me to work on in the basement, so he brought me home. I immediately laid back down in bed and he brought me a cold wash cloth for my head. Once he left to go back to work, I fell completely to sleep and slept for about 2 hours. I feel a little tired still, but I no longer have that annoying headache from this morning. It was so bad that I felt sick to my stomach. I just had a light lunch and feel better.

Now to straighten the place up a bit because this afternoon around 5:15 or so, our Friend is stopping by for a visit on her way home from work. The place isn't dirty, but I do have a few things out of place that appears cluttered. You know how it is. I'm glad it's Friday and I turned in a bill to Bob's Brother for the 23 hours of work I did there this week. It's nice to get those paychecks every week again. Bob and I go over to our friend's house nearly every Saturday morning for coffee and socializing and they live diagonal from Steven's so I can pick up my check then.

It's going to be a great weekend. I hope the rain that is in the forecast, doesn't inturrupt Bob's surprise date we have tomorrow afternoon. He is taking me somewhere and has been trying to hint to me to figure it out. He wants to tell me in the worst way, but I want to be surprised. Hmmm, I wonder what to wear? I'm really looking forward to going out. Perhaps this is an early birthday gift for me.


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