Friday, January 05, 2007

Rainy Friday

It sure is a good day to stay indoors today. I did go help Bob this morning with a delivery of insulation for friends of ours that are working on their house, but I'm not doing much else today. I made a quick trip over to Target with my American Express gift card I recieved for Christmas and purchase Bob & I a new crock pot. I have a stew cooking right now for dinner later tonight. I got all my grocery shopping done yesterday and all the laundry done the day before that, so I really don't have much of anythng else to do.

I suppose today would be a good day to sit and try to remember how to make "granny squares". I bought some yarn and crochet hooks last week on the assumption that I still remembered how to make a baby afghan. For the life of me, I'm struggling to remember how I used to make those squares. I almost have it so it won't be long before I'm crocheting again. If and when I get it figured out, I'll be sure to get a photo to share of the progress.

Starting Monday, I'll be back working on the basement project everyday again. If the weather ever does get cold around here, I won't have to worry about working in a cold damp basement since there is a wood burning stove in the fireplace down there that works super great. it's nice when it's really cold outside, you can stay toasty warm inside with that thing.

Well I guess I need to go find something to do. Can't sit here all day.


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