Friday, December 22, 2006

Road Trip

Tonight Bob and I are celebrating our Christmas together. We are both leaving shortly after the crack of dawn tomorrow to go our seperate ways to see family members in 2 different states. With Bob working till midnight all next week, he doesn't have time to go to both Ohio and Pennsylvania. I promised my daughter that I would be there this weekend to help out with the kids since daycare is closed. Bob has to be back Tuesday afternoon to be downtown DC by 4pm and I'm not leaving Ohio until Wednesday morning.

I'm looking forward to a nice quiet evening with him tonight. I sure hope he likes the gifts I have for him. He's a hard man to buy for. Mainly because he says "don't get me anything, there's nothing I need". He's very particular with the tools he uses, so one has to be very careful purchasing anything for him in that department. I think I did good though, by keeping my ears peeled when he mentions something he'd like to have or when he's swearing because he really could use a certain tool for something he's trying to do and doesn't have. I like to purchase gifts for people based on their personality as well as whether or not the gift is useful for them. I just had to purchase a few "novelty" items for Bob this year. Like a T-shirt that has his name on it and a saying under it. This is what the T-shirt says.......... BOB...the man, the myth, the legand. It's so fitting, I had to get it. ( let's not forget the giant cookie jar with his name on it )

For anyone out there traveling this holiday, please becareful. I'm not looking forward to driving 6 hours in the's better than driving 6 hours in snow!!!!



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