Sunday, December 17, 2006

Does it look and feel like it's almost Christmas???

It doesn't sem like Christmas around here by the weather that's for sure. Bob and I went on another shopping trip this morning. We went to Bowie Town Center. I liek this outside mall shopping experience. Today with the weather at 60 degrees and sunny, we saw people on motorcycles and driving with the tops down on their cars. I happened to see a woman wearing flip flops too. I made a remark to Bob that "you don't see anyone Christmas shopping in flip flops back home in Ohio". I did happen to notice the weather in Ohio today was in the 50's so they weren't too far behind our nice day here. With Christmas being only 8 days from now, it sure doesn't look like it. Feels rather weird if you ask me. I see that tomorrow it's supposed to get up to a high of near 70!!! That's unheard of to me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for not having to deal with the slush and snow and idiot drivers that have no clue what it's like to drive in bad weather. We get enough of the idiot drivers as it is on a daily basis around here. I'm leaving in 6 days to go back to Ohio for the Holiday weekend and so far, it just doesn't seem like Christmas. If it were about 40 degrees colder, I'm sure I'd feel different. Probably just a hell of a lot colder so I'll stop complaining about it now. If Ohio is predictable, I'll be driving through some yucky snow before Christmas is over.

Does it seem like Christmas is next week to you?


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