Friday, December 08, 2006

It's December 8th already!!

I can't complain at all about the weather here in Maryland. NO SNOW is always a good thing in December. It was only 24 degrees this morning when Bob had to run his Son Bill back to the airport (at 4:45am). Bill is leaving to go back to Okinawa, Japan today. His layover is in Chicago. I'm sure hoping he doesn't have any flight delays there due to the weather. He sure does have a long day of nothing but flying and sitting around at airports to look forward to today. I'm sure praying he has a safe return back.

It was good to see Bill again. He arrived back at our place on Wednesday afternoon. Bob is now working (temperarily) at the house of Representatives as a painter until after the first of the year. I hate that he's working 4pm to midnight, but the pay is awesome and it is only temperary. I got to spend some time with Bill while Bob was at work. Wednesday night we ventured over to Best Buy and purchased this new computer and Bill hooked it up for us. Yesterday he and I rode into DC with Bob early and we walked around so Bob could show us the "House" buildings he's working in. Each night different crews of painters split up into the 3 different buildings and paint the suites. They have to be all done before they take office in January. I didn't take any photos of the "House" buildings but I guess I should have. We walked over to see the front of the Caitol though and that is the only picture I have to share today.

Lastnight Bill and I watched the movie "Click" with Adam Sandler. It was really good. Much better than I thought it was going to be. I made some fudge too. I get the urges to bake something now and then and lastnight was no exception. I share my baking with Bob's Brother and his friend John. Otherwise this shit would sit in my house and I'd eat it all. They like getting little packages when they come home from work. I even made enough for Bob to take to work tonight to share with the crew of painters he works with.

Today though, it's back to Steven's basement for more work. It's really coming along. Today I'm hanging plastic over the walls I've painted with "drylock". I'm told the plastic will act as a vapor barrier. It's all part of the water proofing that I'm working on for Steven. I'll be glad when it's time to rebuild the walls and the "theater room" starts to take effect. I'd post pictures of my progress, but they are temperarily "gone". All of our photos are "trapped" in the hard drive of the broken computer. Bill says they are retrievable so we aren't too worried...yet. So, I guess I better quit yapping and get dressed and head on out of here and make some money.


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