Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Very Special Guest Coming.......

It's been busy around here lately. I have been busting my butt over at Bob's Brother's house while working on the basement project. I took today off to get some things done around here for the arrival of a very special guest. Bob's Son is on his way here from Okinawa. His leave request was approved. His flight was supposed to land in DC at 8:57pm, but at our last knowledge it was running 3 hours behind. His entire flight (including layovers) was going to be 22 hrs and 12 mins. Okinawa is 13 hours ahead of us as it is, so I'm sure all this traveling will have him completely exhausted. He doesn't have to leave to go back until Dec. 8th. It would be nice if he could spend all this time here with Bob, but he will only be here until possibly Saturday. At that time he'll meet up with his Brother's to go back up to PA to spend Thanksgiving with his Mother and other relatives. Bob is sure looking forward to seeing him again and I'm looking forward to meeting him for the 1st time. We are hoping to take him down to Quantico one day this week to go through the newly dedicated Marine Museum. While there, Bob has plans to buy Bill his "dress blues". I'm planning on taking lots of photos. (well, as many as the "guys" will let me take of them).

Now it's time to get back to getting things done. I'll post in a few days.


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