Friday, October 20, 2006's Friday already

October is flying by...just like all the other months do I suppose. Hard to believe it's the 20th already though. Heck next weekend we turn the clocks back an hour. The trees have started to turn here. Nothing spectacular yet though that I see.

Yesterday was one week that passed since I had my interview with Commerce Bank. I haven't heard anything from them so I'll assume they weren't interested in me. They checked my credit report though. I recieved a notice from Experian letting me know that they inquired about it. I already know my credit isn't the greatest. Wonder how much that matters to a bank when you apply? I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for other opportunities. Bob is being so patient with me not working and bringing in some extra income. Too bad I can't just wiggle my nose and make a job happen.

Speaking of jobs, I went to work with Bob again yesterday and helped him with a few things. The homeowners of one of the homes he's remoding is turning their old dinningroom into an office. I helped him hang the double doors they wanted in one of the entrances. It's really going to look nice once he's done with the framing of it and when they get it painted. At another home he was getting some finish work done on, I helped out with the tiniest of tasks. The electrican he has, #1 doesn't like ladders very well and he had to climb up a pretty high one to change out the old spot light on the back corner of the house to replace it with the new double spot light the homeowners bought. While up there he discovered a hornets nest inside the old electricc box to the light fixture. It was an active nest and he came right back down that ladder as fast as he could. I told him and Bob both that I'd go up there and get rid of the nest if they'd like me to. (I'm not to partial to shaky ladders myself). Once the electrican knew I was serious he handed me his screw driver to get the nest out with. Bob located me some spray from under the homeowners sink so up I went. It really wasn't so bad since it has been getting colder and the hornets were fast on there way to becoming dormaint for the rest of the year. I got up to the electric box and sure enough saw movement so I sprayed them and they started to cral out. I just took the screw driver and flung them out and got the nests they had in there out (about 4 little ones) and came back down. While I was up there, the electrican said to Bob .... "that's some girl you've got there, I'd say she's a keeper". Not only does he not care for being up on ladders, he hates bees. Guess I did a good thing and saved the day so the work could get finished. Now these homeowners have the sweetest dog. Her name is Asta. I personally have never seen a breed like her before. I've seen smaller ones. (Schnauser(sp) I believe they are), but I forget what they said she is. I took a couple pictures of her with my cell phone camera. They came out a bit blurry but I still think she's adorable.

Have you ever seen a dog like this before?


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